Chelsea, Ronaldinho, or Spain: Five Things to Watch in the 2008-09 Season

5. Americans in Europe
Even as the Americans exit the 2008 Olympics a little earlier then hoped and tie a decade low in FIFA rankings, there is hope for the future of American soccer. Young players have been given a chance to play in the hotbeds of top-level soccer.

Jozy Altidore is playing in Spain with Villarreal and Freddy Adu is on loan with AS Monaco in Ligue 1 in France. These two are not only two of the most talented Americans, they are also the most well known.
Their success this season will either open the door even more for Americans to make the move over seas or slam the door shut…maybe not completely.

4. The Reign of Spain
I am not sure I have been so excited to watch a team play as I was to see Spain play in the Euros (I did pick them prior to the start…I swear). Spain finally delivered what they have long had the talent to do.
In England, Fernando Torres gave Liverpool what they paid for in his 24 goals in his first season with the team. His Euro clinching goal was not too shabby either. David Villa and David Silva (and the majority of their forwards) have had serious looks from top tier teams in England and Italy, Xavi continues to show his class, and Cesc Fàbregas has cemented himself as the face of Arsenal.

Will the Spanish continue to extend their kingdom of stellar play throughout Europe? Or has the best already taken place? That national team was too deep not to affect the world even more!

3. Capello and England: Mission Possible?
Fabio Capello may not have known what he was getting into. He might not agree with every player that has previously taken the pitch for the English. The main objectives for Capello is to get back to previous glory quickly and build for the future with the younger players.

Who are the players he looks to to help solidify a country that has been a powerhouse? What do you do with players like Beckham and Michael Owen? Where is the young talent? I am glad he is making the decisions and not me!

2. Chelsea or Man U or Arsenal or Liverpool?
With all the moves some made and the lack of moves from others, the chase for silverware will be intriguing from the beginning with the big four. Don’t count out Tottenham either!

1. Ronaldinho and AC Milan
Everything about this transfer scares me. The risk or reward factor is VERY high. Teaming up with Brazil countrymen Kaká and Ronaldo could be the core of an unstoppable attack. But the potential for disaster is just as amazing as the potential for greatness (see last season at Barça).

Even so, I think Serie A is a great fit for him. His creativity and vision will allow Milan to again push to the top of the league with Inter, Roma, and Juventus.

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