All-Head Band Team

A couple years ago, the headband was everywhere in college basketball.  Along with high socks and sleeveless t-shirts,  in it’s time, the headband was a pretty big deal.

Carmelo Anthony and Hakeem Warrick lead the headband-ed Oragemen to the national championship in 2003 over Kansas.  The Florida Gators won back-to-back titles in 2006 and 2007 with a headband-ed Corey Brewer winning the 2007 Final Four MOP.

Sadly, the headband is not as popular with the kids these days and we are seeing fewer and fewer.  There is, however, a few dedicated top-tier players who sweat enough on the face and head-area to warrant a headband.  So I decided that the few that still rock the headband, need a little love.

I know the anticipation is almost to much to handle and you might be sweating just a little bit.  Grab yourself a headband, wipe off the forehead and meet the team of players just like you, expect they are much better at basketball.

Here is my All-Headband Team:

Starting Five

Jonny Flynn, Syracuse

Tyrese Rice, Boston College

Tyler Smith, Tennessee

Paul Harris, Syracuse

Wayne Chism, Tennessee

Off the Bench

Byron Eaton, Oklahoma State

Austin Johnson, Oklahoma

Robert Dozier, Memphis

Levance Fields, PITT


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