Top-15 Draft Prospects

Spain's Ricky Rubio
Spain's Ricky Rubio

I have a love/hate relationship with ESPN.  I love the amount of college basketball they give me.  The ability to watch game after game after game.  I like some of the announcers and analysts, and and how in-depth some of them can get.  But I hate that way it is delivered, covered in tainted, biased crap. 

Sorry about that –  I got a little emotional.

Here is another hate item.  Conference play is barely in sight and ESPN is already listing their NBA Draft Prospects.  ESPN is the single biggest reason we have all these one and done freshmen.  Seriously.  Look at the amount of coverage these “student athletes” get starting in high school.  ESPNU had a high school signing day a mini-NFL draft-like special.  Having players interview live, announcing he best classes and projecting the future.  That is a whole other post.

But, I watch.  Anyway, listed below is the list of the Top-15 from the Worldwide Leader in Sports.  I agree with a lot of what the have on the list.  But there is no way any NBA team is picking Arizona’s Jordan Hill before Wake Forrest’s  Al-Faroug Aminu or Georgetown’s Greg Monroe.  NO WAY!


2009 NBA Draft Prospects: Top 100
1 Blake Griffin PF 6-10 245 19 Oklahoma Top 5
2 Ricky Rubio PG 6-4 180 18 Spain Top 5
3 Hasheem Thabeet C 7-3 265 21 Connecticut Lottery
4 James Harden SG 6-4 215 19 Arizona State Top 10
5 Stephen Curry PG 6-3 185 20 Davidson Lottery
6 Jrue Holiday PG 6-3 180 18 UCLA Lottery
7 Brandon Jennings PG 6-2 165 19 Italy Top 10
8 B. J. Mullens C 7-1 260 19 Ohio State Top 10
9 DeMar DeRozan SG 6-6 200 19 USC Top 10
10 Jordan Hill PF 6-9 211 21 Arizona Lottery to mid-first round
11 Al-Farouq Aminu SF 6-8 205 18 Wake Forest Lottery to mid-first round
12 Greg Monroe PF 6-11 250 18 Georgetown Mid- to late first round
13 Gani Lawal PF 6-9 220 19 Georgia Tech Lottery to mid first round
14 Earl Clark SF 6-9 200 20 Louisville Lottery to mid-first round
15 Austin Daye SF 6-10 190 20 Gonzaga Lottery

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