Most Useless/Pointless Things in Sports

NFL CombineAs I listen to NFL type people tell us that is why is crucial to time a player run in a straight line for 40 yards in basically his underwear, it got me to think about some of the events, people and “things” about sports that really do not matter.

Here are a list of a couple events that are not needed in sports – in no paticular order.

1.  NFL Combinemaybe, just maybe, the least reliable way to evaluate talent (the NFL is far ahead of every other major sport in this category).  It is of course available for your viewing pleasure on the NFL Network.

2.  NFL Preseason – Who wants to play regular price for tickets when the starters don’t even play the game and don’t get paid the “salary”.  Check into the last part.

3.  NBA Regular Season Before the All-Star game. The games don’t matter until halfway through the fourth quarter.  Unless it is a great match-up and a team needs to make “a statement”.

4.  The Skills Contest during NBA All-Star weekend – It would be more entertaining if they pulled people from the crowd.

5.  The fact that the MLB All-Star game determines who gets homefield advantage for the World Series.  Then why play the rest of the season??

6.  About 73% percent of non-game programming on ESPN.

Billy Packer7.  A Salary Cap in the NFL – ITS CALLED A SIGNING BONUS.

8.  Fines that are anything less than $250,000.  People would listen a little more.

9.  Al Davis.

10.  Billy Packer – Kind of a creep.

11.  The One Year Rule in NCAA Basketball – There has to be a better solution.

12.  Different sized and shaped hockey arenas in college hockey.83008103CM002_SAN_ANTONIO_S

13. The New York Knicks outside of Nate Robinson and David Lee.

14.  Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks – All of you are incapable, just give the ball to Adrian Peterson please and either block someone or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

15.  New England Patriots quarterbacks – No matter who it is , they win.

16.  Player contracts in soccer– Recently, contacts have become meaningless in almost in every sport, but soccer is horrible – i.e. David Beckham.

17.  John Madden talking.

18.  Bracketlogy before March – some buddy needs something more productive to do.

19.  ESPN pretending the know and care about soccer outside of this country or any soccer player not named David Beckham or Landon Donavon.  And why do they always say their full names?

20.  Bobby Knight talking – they call him Bob now that he is at ESPN – it’s like Pacman changing to Adam, no one forgets.

21.  Club covers unless they are funny.

22.  The NHL in the south.

23.  Fantasy Baseball – too much work.

24.  Time “Limits” durning the actual draft process.  If you can’t make a deal and or figure out who you are going to pick.

25.  How diffrerent people yell the same damn thing every time Tiger Woods tees off  – Get in the hole

26.  This blog.

Wade’s Pace

Every good player that has any kind of jumping ability gets compared to Michael Jordan.  It happened to Kobe, to LeBron, to Wade.  Aspects for their games can be directly pointed to Jordan, but is more about influence, then imitation.

Just like the way Stevie Wonder as one of the main influences in today’s music.

Aside from the fact that they are three of the best players in the league, you can also see Jordan in Kobe’s killer instinct.  You see Jordan in LeBron’s ability to will his team to a victory.  And you see Jordan in Wade’s pace.  Not quickness, but his ability to get exactly what he needs without ever looking like he is pressing.

Kobe and LeBron – more LeBron – have moments when they are pressing so hard to make a play, that they end up in bad situations and then have to rely on their athletic gift’s to make up for the poor decision making.

But Wade always looks like he is taking a leisurely Sunday afternoon walk.  Not in a hurry to  do anything, but able to get what ever he wants on the floor. I have yet to see a defender predict Wade’s next move.

Random Thoughts in the Middle of Relaxation

As I sit in my “Spa Renewal Suite” with my wife – a gift from a friend – I am watching the Lakers and Hornets on the Sports Leader.

The Lakers start Kobe and Fisher in the back court and Odom, Walton, and Gasol up front.  Then off the bench they have Trevor Ariza, that point guard from UCLA who’s name I can’t remember, and that shooting guard who annoys the crap out of me and who’s name I can’t spell. And I am sure I forgot someone.  This is the deepest team in the NBA.Kobe Bryant

I know that Boston and Cleveland are strong in the east, but the Laker’s roster with the triangle offense add a little spice from the Zen Master – you are looking at a team that just plays so well together.

And when the team struggles, you have Kobe to carry the team on his back.

If you watch the Lakers enough, you will notice that Jackson changes the offensive strategy when the second unit is on the floor.  While the first unit sticks to the triangle and then runs when it is available, the second unit pushes the pace from the word go.

You have to give Jackson credit for allowing the skills of those to dictate the play unlike most coaches who do the opposite.

The Lakers will win the game, but I love to watch Chris Paul play.  You can add Paul to the short list of young players who you would build a franchise around (along with LeBron, Dwight Howard, and Deron Williams).

All-Star Weekend and Other Thoughts

Sunday evening I sat down in my favorite chair (or THE chair) and watched the annual “NBA player’s attempt at streetball” known as the All-Star game.  I was watching and waiting for the players to start over passing and throwing too many ally oops, taking too many threes and trying to make the behind the back pass when a simple chest bass would do.  I blinked a couple times, it was a little hazy, but I am pretty sure it I saw some defense – sort of.Kevin Durant

1.  All-Star Voting– The selection process for the NBA is completely a popularity contest and Commissioner David Stern is alright with that.  Names sell tickets.  But every season there are more and more deserving players who do not get a roster spot because of  players like Shaq, Allen Iverson, and Chauncey Billups.  The NBA must reexamine the process of both the starters and reserves, it’s ridiculous (most All-Star/All-Pro voting is a joke).

Kevin Durant and Al Jefferson were more than worthy, even if Jefferson is injured.  Durant is currently fifth in scoring averaging 25.5 points a game and has scored over 30 points in four of the last five games.  His monthly scoring average has increased at least 2.5 points each month.  Staring with 22.9 in Nov. to 30.8 in Feb.  PS – he won the H.O.R.S.E. competition during the break.

Jefferson is sitting seventh in scoring with 23.1 and sixth in rebounding pulling down 11 rebounds a game, plus 1.7 blocks shots a game.  Jefferson also shoots 50% from the field and was the leader of Minnesota’s semi-resurgence before going down with a season-ending knee injury.

2. Indiana Hoosiers lost another Big-Ten game.  No. 20 Illinois came to the ‘Dome and was only slighty pushed on their way to a 13 point win.  The outcome of the game is not why I mentioned the game.Tom Crean

I saw two things that should give Hoosier Nation a lot of hope.  First, I saw Ton Crean blast one of his players.  So what?  In the current situation, many coaches would probably try to keep everything light and happy and not really push this team because “they are not very good” and times are tough.  Not Crean and that is why I have a coach crush on him.  He ripped into his players like they had a chance to win the Big-Ten.  He reacted the same way Tom Izzo does when the MSU Spartans are struggling.  It was great.  

Secondly, the ‘Dome was packed.  I mentioned this in a recent post, but the Hoosier faithful understand and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – see Kentucky “Unforgettables” circa 1989.  But this year the Hoosier fans are at every game, knowing it is going to be difficult but waiting to explode with appreciation for the kids who are busting their butt to get them back to winning. 

3.  The Big East should changes it’s name to Big Beast.  Let me just a couple of the Big East’s physically imposing players.  PITT’s Sam Young and DeJuan Blair, UConn’s Jeff Adrein, Louisville’s Earl Clark, Terrance Williams, and Samardo Samuels, Notre Dame’s Luke Harongody, Syracuse’s Paul Harris and Arinze Onuaku.

There are so many physically dominating players, I am surprised more players have not been injured.  And there are more.

4.  Random Food for thought.  Vince Carter and T-Mac could have been a poor man’s (aka Toranto’s verison of) Jordan and Pippen.  Think about that for a minute.

5.  Duke and UNC played last week and the Tarheels won.  Not too surprised.  But then Boston College beat Duke 80-74.  Boston College has the two best wins in the ACC and probably won’t make the NCAA’s.

BC has Tyrese Rice, who is capable – and willing – to take and make big shots.  But there is no way in hell they should able to beat both UNC and Duke.  Especially, UNC in Raleigh.

6.  The NBA should implement a “You Are Unbelievably Stupid” clause where they can suspend players for being friggin’ idiots (could have been used many times in the past).  First case to go before the “Stupid Case Reviewing Type Guy” would be Phoenix Suns Jason Richardson.  Richardson was arrested going 90 mph in a 35 zone.  That is bad, but not the worst part.  His three year-old son was in the car and NOT in a car seat. 


Were the getting chased by people with guns?  Because, unless someone is shooting at you and/or there is a major emergency, that child needs to be in the appropriate seat.  I am still waiting to hear from Richardson’s people to give an excuse – er – I mean reason.  As a father of a 2 1/2 year old – this really bothers me.Nate Robinson

7.  The slam dunk contest was fun to watch and didn’t take forever like it has in recent years.  Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard are both athletic freaks.  And they are young enough to participate in the contest again and again.

Other than Howard – Rudy Fernandez is the only other player I would take on my team.  Rudy is a solid athlete, great shooter, experienced in big international games, and he does everything very well.  JR Smith is good, but he – like Robinson – is a head case.

PS – LeBron threw his hat into next year’s contest.  So next year we could have Howard, Robinson, LeBron and Blake Griffin.  They better have extra rims on hand.

8.  Michael Phelps gets his FREEDOM.  I was thinking what a great waste of time it has been for the  South Carolina police trying to build a case, but what great publicity.

Long Time Away, But Never Forgotten

Well folks, here I am.  Back with not much more to say :).  I am sorry that I have been gone for so long, but certain things in my life needed to be my priority.

So here is a little post to get me going again.

Things We Don’t Want To Hear Anymore About:

1.  A-Rod and steroids – I am tired of this crap.  I understand that is “tarnishes the game”  but does anyone other than hall of fame voters really care?  And what about the other 103?

2.  Michael Phelps –   If the guy wants to take a hit in the off season, let me.  I do love the new play of “i am not sure I can commit to 2012”.  Nice move – check.

3.  Brett Favre – I feel like we have done this before.  PS – we don’t want him in Gold and Purple.  Well, maybe.

4.  Manny – this guy is as stupid as his agent.

5.  The Dallas Cowboys

6.  T.O. – I am over you.

7.  David Beckham– the LA honeymoon is over.  I think Beckham has years left, but not in LA.

8.  Jose Canseco – see T.O. – expect for you, it happened 10 years ago. 

Thing We Need To Hear Anymore About:

Indiana basketballis struggling.  After all the NCAA violations and new coach and players getting kicked off the team.  The still sell-out every game!  I am not a Bobby Knight fan, I think he is over-valued and over hyped.  But I have long admired Tom Creen and I was hoping we would take the Minnesota job – that was before I heard about Tubby.  Creen does things the right way and even though this will be difficult right now, look out, they are going to be tough next season. 

It shows the class of the Indaia faithful as they show up every game, expecting to lose, hoping for a close game, but knowing that this is a bump in the road.