Long Time Away, But Never Forgotten

Well folks, here I am.  Back with not much more to say :).  I am sorry that I have been gone for so long, but certain things in my life needed to be my priority.

So here is a little post to get me going again.

Things We Don’t Want To Hear Anymore About:

1.  A-Rod and steroids – I am tired of this crap.  I understand that is “tarnishes the game”  but does anyone other than hall of fame voters really care?  And what about the other 103?

2.  Michael Phelps –   If the guy wants to take a hit in the off season, let me.  I do love the new play of “i am not sure I can commit to 2012”.  Nice move – check.

3.  Brett Favre – I feel like we have done this before.  PS – we don’t want him in Gold and Purple.  Well, maybe.

4.  Manny – this guy is as stupid as his agent.

5.  The Dallas Cowboys

6.  T.O. – I am over you.

7.  David Beckham– the LA honeymoon is over.  I think Beckham has years left, but not in LA.

8.  Jose Canseco – see T.O. – expect for you, it happened 10 years ago. 

Thing We Need To Hear Anymore About:

Indiana basketballis struggling.  After all the NCAA violations and new coach and players getting kicked off the team.  The still sell-out every game!  I am not a Bobby Knight fan, I think he is over-valued and over hyped.  But I have long admired Tom Creen and I was hoping we would take the Minnesota job – that was before I heard about Tubby.  Creen does things the right way and even though this will be difficult right now, look out, they are going to be tough next season. 

It shows the class of the Indaia faithful as they show up every game, expecting to lose, hoping for a close game, but knowing that this is a bump in the road.


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