Random Thoughts in the Middle of Relaxation

As I sit in my “Spa Renewal Suite” with my wife – a gift from a friend – I am watching the Lakers and Hornets on the Sports Leader.

The Lakers start Kobe and Fisher in the back court and Odom, Walton, and Gasol up front.  Then off the bench they have Trevor Ariza, that point guard from UCLA who’s name I can’t remember, and that shooting guard who annoys the crap out of me and who’s name I can’t spell. And I am sure I forgot someone.  This is the deepest team in the NBA.Kobe Bryant

I know that Boston and Cleveland are strong in the east, but the Laker’s roster with the triangle offense add a little spice from the Zen Master – you are looking at a team that just plays so well together.

And when the team struggles, you have Kobe to carry the team on his back.

If you watch the Lakers enough, you will notice that Jackson changes the offensive strategy when the second unit is on the floor.  While the first unit sticks to the triangle and then runs when it is available, the second unit pushes the pace from the word go.

You have to give Jackson credit for allowing the skills of those to dictate the play unlike most coaches who do the opposite.

The Lakers will win the game, but I love to watch Chris Paul play.  You can add Paul to the short list of young players who you would build a franchise around (along with LeBron, Dwight Howard, and Deron Williams).


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