Wade’s Pace

Every good player that has any kind of jumping ability gets compared to Michael Jordan.  It happened to Kobe, to LeBron, to Wade.  Aspects for their games can be directly pointed to Jordan, but is more about influence, then imitation.

Just like the way Stevie Wonder as one of the main influences in today’s music.

Aside from the fact that they are three of the best players in the league, you can also see Jordan in Kobe’s killer instinct.  You see Jordan in LeBron’s ability to will his team to a victory.  And you see Jordan in Wade’s pace.  Not quickness, but his ability to get exactly what he needs without ever looking like he is pressing.

Kobe and LeBron – more LeBron – have moments when they are pressing so hard to make a play, that they end up in bad situations and then have to rely on their athletic gift’s to make up for the poor decision making.

But Wade always looks like he is taking a leisurely Sunday afternoon walk.  Not in a hurry to  do anything, but able to get what ever he wants on the floor. I have yet to see a defender predict Wade’s next move.

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