DTP Bracket Challenge

Matthew and I have been apart of a CBS Sports bracket group for about three years.  And as part of the Madness here at Double The Post, I thought we could share our standings and give it a lame name like DTP Bracket Challenge.

SO BEHOLD – DTP Bracket Challenge.

After day one, the Group Standings  are below.  Please notice who went 16-for-16 – that’s right – yours truly (does anyone know where that saying came from?).

The scoring systems is extremely complicated and took at least 15 second to figure out.

First Round correct picks are worth 1 point, Second round worth 2 points, etc.  Up to 6 points in the final right.

Best Score – best score possible point total with the picks you still have in play.

Best Correct – the number of winners you can choose correctly.

The bracketed number after the predicted champs name is the tie breaking total score of the final game.

This is like brain surgury here.

Group Standings
Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Daniel 16 16 120 63 Louisville (153)
2 Katie 15 15 119 62 Duke (151)
3 Eric 13 13 117 60 Pittsburgh (135)
3 Matthew 13 13 115 59 Louisville (163)
3 Steve 13 13 117 60 Connecticut (141)
3 Tom 13 13 117 60 North Carolina (129)
7 Vincent 12 12 116 59 Pittsburgh (159)
8 Anna 11 11 111 56 Louisville (162)

I will update the standings in the morning tomorrow.  Enjoy the games…Bison play in 9 minutes!

PS – The winner gets NOTHING! Maybe a shout out, some candy, and a “good-game” pat.

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