DTP Bracket Challenge: Day Four

After the first weekend of the greatest sport event, there has been a ton of movement in the group.  I still have 13 of the Sweet Sixteen left, but I had picked USC to beat Kansas…oops.  All in All, I am pretty happy with that.  I still have seven of my elite eight and all my final four picks left, so all could turn out right.

We’ll wait til Thursday.

Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Daniel 55 42 108 56 Louisville (153)
2 Eric
53 39 109 54 Pittsburgh (135)
3 Katie 49 37 105 52 Duke (151)
3 Vincent 49 35 105 50 Pittsburgh (159)
5 Matt 48 35 104 50 Louisville (163)
5 Steve 48 36 104 51 Connecticut (141)
6 Tom 48 35 104 50 North Carolina (129)
8 Anna 40 30 90 43 Louisville (162)

DTP Bracket Challenge: Day Three

Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Daniel 45 37 113 58 Louisville (153)
2 Eric
41 33 111 55 Pittsburgh (135)
3 Katie 39 32 107 53 Duke (151)
4 Steve 38 31 106 52 Connecticut (141)
5 Vincent 37 29 105 50 Pittsburgh (159)
6 Matt 36 29 104 50 Louisville (163)
6 Tom 36 29 106 51 Pittsburgh (159)
8 Anna 30 25 90 43 Louisville (162)

Day Two Recap

Day two had more Madness and it finally resembled tourneys of the past with upsets and game going down to the wire.  We had major programs get beat by the deadly “Mid-Major” and say some great individual performances.  North Dakota State University's Ben Woodside soars past Kansas' Sherron Collins for a basket Friday during the NCAA tournament at the Metrodome in Minnepolis. David Samson/The Forum

1.  Domination of the Day: Louisville over Morehead State.  Runner-up: Cleveland State over Wake Forrest.

2.  Performance of the DayBen Woodside of North Dakota State scored 37 points in the Bison lose to Kansas.  Woodside shot 13-for-23 from the field and 8-for-10 from the foul-line.  Runner-up: Sherron Collins of Kansas.

3.  Upset of the Day:  There are a couple to pick from, but Cleveland State over Wake Forrest is the obvious choice.  Plus they were dominate in this game.  The Vikings looked like the higher seed.

Telling stat of the game: Cleveland State had six turn overs, WF had 18.

4.  Game of the Day:  Again, there were many to pick from, but I think the best game was the Oklahoma State over Tennessee.

5.  Bison Review:  I would say that I was happy with the way the Bison played and Kansas took advantage of NDSU’s weakness in the post.  NDSU was able to hit from deep, but had no counter punch to Cole Aldirch down low.  I was glad to see Woodside play well and he kept the Bison in the game.  He was able to get to the basket very easily and showed that he is a talented player.  The battle between him and Collins was great.

6.  Overall Feeling on the Day:  Other than the 16 vs. 1 seeds – and a couple other random games – the quality of play has been very high in this tournament, and the second day of Big Dance Madness was nothing less.

NDSU Season Ends In A 74-85 Lose To Kansas

It was a good game.  The Bison had chances to win this game, but Kansas was tough down low.  The Bison still in thiese game because of Ben Woodside and their shooting from deep.  But it wasn’t enough.

Woodside showed just what kind of player we have been talking about all season.  Yahoo.com had this article as the front of the sports section.

I was happy with the out coming, I think North Dakota is proud of the way these guys played and made a name for themelves and this school.

As far as NBA possibility with Woodside:  Before the NCAA’a I thought he might have a chance at getting drafted, but was unsure if NBA people knew anything about him.  Now they do and he will be invite to predraft workouts and camps, and have a chance to show his talented.

DTP Bracket Challenge

Matthew and I have been apart of a CBS Sports bracket group for about three years.  And as part of the Madness here at Double The Post, I thought we could share our standings and give it a lame name like DTP Bracket Challenge.

SO BEHOLD – DTP Bracket Challenge.

After day one, the Group Standings  are below.  Please notice who went 16-for-16 – that’s right – yours truly (does anyone know where that saying came from?).

The scoring systems is extremely complicated and took at least 15 second to figure out.

First Round correct picks are worth 1 point, Second round worth 2 points, etc.  Up to 6 points in the final right.

Best Score – best score possible point total with the picks you still have in play.

Best Correct – the number of winners you can choose correctly.

The bracketed number after the predicted champs name is the tie breaking total score of the final game.

This is like brain surgury here.

Group Standings
Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Daniel 16 16 120 63 Louisville (153)
2 Katie 15 15 119 62 Duke (151)
3 Eric 13 13 117 60 Pittsburgh (135)
3 Matthew 13 13 115 59 Louisville (163)
3 Steve 13 13 117 60 Connecticut (141)
3 Tom 13 13 117 60 North Carolina (129)
7 Vincent 12 12 116 59 Pittsburgh (159)
8 Anna 11 11 111 56 Louisville (162)

I will update the standings in the morning tomorrow.  Enjoy the games…Bison play in 9 minutes!

PS – The winner gets NOTHING! Maybe a shout out, some candy, and a “good-game” pat.