DTP 2008-09 NBA Awards

The regular season has come to a close.  It has been a great season in many respects.  We have seen rookies play major parts on good teams and on bad teams.  We have seen players develop from starters to stars, stars to MVPs.  Teams that should have been better and teams that made us glance at the standings sheet one last time.

Now the time has come when the big boys are no longer playing for fun, it is playoff time.  And to further inflate the ego’s of those making way too much money, we give them awards.

Like everyone that has any opinion on basketball, Matthew and I have our own and we made our choices.  We agreed on some, but not on all.  Either way, enjoy.

Rookie of The Year82989522CC019_Orlando_Magic

  • Matthew’s PickDerrick Rose – This has proved to be a very good, very deep class.  And Rose has stayed on top of it the entire season, ultimately leading his team into the playoffs.  Averaging 17 points, 4 boards, and 7 assists is a pretty nice line for a rookie…..or anybody.
  • Daniel’s PickDerrick Rose – The Bulls played like a bad high school team earlier this year, because they did not know how to use the talent the had.  The coach final made some changes and the Bulls are here.  Rose is the cornerstone for this franchise.

Most Improved Player

  • Matthew’s Pick:  Brandon Roy – Scoring three more points a game and has turned into the undeniable leader of a good, young squad.
  • Daniel’s PickDanny Granger – 7.5, 13.9, 19.6, and 25.8.  This is the season scoring average since his rookie year in 2005.  He has also become a better free-throw shooter since his first season, improving from 78% to 88% this season.  Like Rose, Granger is the cornerstone for his team.   PS – All Star.

Most Disappointing Team

  • Matthew’s Pick:  Phoenix Suns – Even without Amare, they’re like an all-star team from 5-10 years ago.
  • Daniel’s Pick:  Detroit Pistons – This team is rebuilding.  But you still have Rip, Rasheed and Prince.  The trade for Allen Iverson was not good for this season, but it will be good for the future.  Even so, this team was sad. 

Most Surprsing Team

  • Matthew’s Pick:  Denver Nuggets – Who would’ve guessed they would be the No. 2 seed in the West?  Not me! 
  • Daniel’s Pick: Charlotte Bobcats – They made a huge push late in the season and were close to making the playoffs. They beat the Lakers twice and have a solid group of players.  Just don’t pick-up AI. 

Sixth Man of the Year

  • Matthew’s Pick:  Lamar Odom – Sure he started a few games.  But his ability to be a solid option in the starting five when called upon,  stregthens his case.  
  • Daniel’s PickJason Terry – He is pretty much a stater.  Terry plays 33 mins a game, scores 20 points per game and is the man for Dallas in the clutch.


Coach of the Year:NBA/

  • Matthew’s Pick:  Stan Van Gundy –  Anytime you linger around 60-wins, you should be instantly part of the discussion, and he made things work pretty well without Jameer Nelson.
  • Daniel’s PickMike Brown–  66 wins and 16 loses.  His team scores 100 points per game and only give 91 (which is best in the league).  Yes, he has LeBron.  But this team is about defense.  And they allow their opponents to only shoot 33% from distance and 43 from the field (best in the league).  And he has LeBron.


  • Matthew’s Pick: LeBron James– He leads his squad in points (28), rebounds (8), assists (7), blocks (1.5) and steals (1.7).  That is ridiculous.
  • Daniel’s PickLeBron James – See above with one addition.  His squad =  best in the league.

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