Jay Bilas’ Prospect Ranking

JAY’S BEST AVAILABLE You can throw out specific team needs or where players will actually be drafted. The following is simply a list of the 25 best players available, according to Jay Bilas:

1. Blake Griffin, Oklahoma

2. Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut

3. Tyreke Evans, Memphis

4. James Harden, Arizona State

5. Ricky Rubio, Spain

6. Jordan Hill, Arizona

7. Stephen Curry, Davidson

8. Jonny Flynn, Syracuse

9. Jrue Holiday, UCLA

10. DeMar DeRozan, USC

11. Terrence Williams, Louisville

12. Jeff Teague, Wake Forest

13. Ty Lawson, North Carolina

14. DeJuan Blair, Pittsburgh

15. Gerald Henderson, Duke

16. B.J. Mullens, Ohio State

17. Brandon Jennings, Italy

18. Eric Maynor, VCU

19. James Johnson, Wake Forest

20. Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina

21. Sam Young, Pittsburgh

22. Earl Clark, Louisville

23. Austin Daye, Gonzaga

24. Wayne Ellington, North Carolina

25. DaJuan Summers, Georgetown

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