Day After (or a week) The 2009 NBA Draft

My head is still spinning.  With a the point guards and all the trades prior, it is was very crazy.

MN T’Wolves Equals PG

When I sat down and look at what I hoped that Timberwolves leadership would do tonight, picked four point guards was not in the top ten scenarios possible.

Granted, UNC guard TY Lawson is headed to Denver and Florida guard Nick Calathes is going to Dallas.  And everything I have heard and read is that there is going to be a deal with including Ricky Rubio.

Wayne Ellington at 28 is a good pick, but it is tough to give them a grade when it still seems up in the air.

Carter to the Magic

I get the need to fill the void of Hedu Turkaglu and Vince Carter replaces the scoring, but trading Country Lee makes me sad.  He was something they did not have, a good defensive player who could get to he basket and make a mid-range jumper.  Carter is going to have to figure out how to play with a quality big man, which he has not done, ever.  And Carter will have to find how to be effective with out the ball in his hands.

This trade is a reaction to various things.

  1. Trade – With Shaq coming to Ohio and the Wizards adding Mike Miller and Randy Foye, the Magic needed to improve as top in the east got a little more crowded.
  2. Hedu Opting Out – With Turkeglu opting out of his contract, the Magic would have had a hole in the line-up.
  3. The Economy – it makes sense for teams to dump salary.

Many NBA “experts” like this trade and I am not sure I do.  Mainly because you lose Courtney Lee.  If this because he missed that lay-up?  Pau Gosal hit the rim and the pass pulled him behind the backboard.  Just leave him alone.  I think Lee is going to blow-up in Jersey – ala Devin Harris – and those two could become the best young backcourt in the league.

Clippers – So Far So Good

Lets be honest, it would have been pretty hard for the em to mess this up, but there is still time, it’s the Clippers for cry-out-loud.

Blake’s brother, Tyler, was drafted at 48 to Phoenix.

Panthers in the 2nd Round

Both DeJuan Blair and Sam Young fell into the second and were picked back-to-back with Young going to Memphis at No. 36 and Blair to the Spurs at No. 37.  I think Blair fell because of his knees and Young because of his age.  Both will grow and will be assets the moment the put on a uniform.


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