Quick Hits: 8/28/09

NBA Puts the Brakes on Smith and Richardson

OK.  Lame title.

The NBA had to suspend Denver Nugget’s J.R Smith and Golden State Warrior’s Jason Richardson for being horribly stupid drivers.

Smith will be on the bench in street clothes for seven games after pleading guilty for reckless driving and Richardson gets a two game suspension for driving drunk.

Both guys have had issues driving.  Smith was in an accident that caused the death of a passenger in his car in 2007  and Richardson drove 90 mph in a 35 mph zone with his three year old son in the back seat WITHOUT a car seat.

Richardson is the bigger idiot, but Smith seems to find his name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Either way, suspensions were warranted.

Arsenal Vs. Manchester United

For thosCesc Fabregase of you who did not know, the English Premiere League started up again.  And this Saturdays match-up at Old Trafford, is the first real test of the season for Arsenal and the first match-up of any of the “Big Four” – ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

United has already had a bump in the road in the form of recently promoted Burnley, but a match-up against another major squad, may set the Red Devils back on course.

This is also the match of the EPL two longest-term tenured coaches in Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, who has been there since 1996, and United Sir Alex Ferguson, who has been the head of this giant since 1986.

My Prediction – Arsenal 2 – United 1*  United is having issues with the back four and Wayne Rooney has yet to convince me that he is the team leader, but Arsenal needs Cesc Fabregas to be fit.

Dick Vitales Top-40 Teams

I like this list – Short, sweet, and to the point.   Here is a quick hint: Kansas is No. 1 and Kentucky is No.2.

Should be a interesting year.

LeBron by LeBron

Here is a sold write about LeBron James’ documentary by Fanhouse’s Will Bronson.

World Football Daily


After much thought and public feedback, Steven Cohen has decided to move in a new direction.   Changing the branding from World SOCCER Daily to World FOOTBALL Daily, the new show will be viewed and heard by paying a monthly subscription.

On a short show today Steven, with co-host Kenny Hassan, explained the changes that are taking place.  Highlighting the new shift in programing, the creation of a new company, the revamped focus of the show, and how the show intends to “stay afloat”.

The brief broadcast showcased the greater investment in the show that has been made by the hosts, with a few other, to validate the $9.99 monthly subscription.   The greater investment was obviously seen in the higher quality cameras, closer and improved camera angles, and improved sound equipment.  Side note: the sound still needs to be worked out however.

Cohen had decided to stop production of World Soccer Daily after threats of all kinds, from a certain group of Liverpool Supporters, had become too intense and were not only directed at Cohen, but also his step-children and their friends.  The backlash was from the Liverpool supporters, was based on comments Cohen had made about the tragedy that took place in 1996 known as the Hillsborough Disaster, which involved the death of 96 Liverpool fans.

As I have stated in prior posts, I do not have enough knowledge to have an opinion on the events that took place in 1996 or Cohen’s comments.  Either way, the show will have it’s last free broadcast on Monday, August 31st.


You can listen to Friday’s podcast by heading to this page.

Preseason Wooden Award Top-50

The Wooden Award, college basketball’s highest individual honor, released it’s list of the Top-50 players in the 2009-10 season.  There are a ton of good players on this list and I would imagine we will see a freshmen or two on the final list.Luke Harangody

Notre Dame’s Senior Forward, Luke Harangody, looks to be the early favorite to win the award.  Here are seven of my “need-to-know” that we will need to pay attention to throughout the season.

  1. Manny Harris, Michigan Guard
  2. Luke Babbit, Nevada Forward
  3. Matt Bouldin, Gonzaga Guard
  4. E’Twaun Moore, Purdue Guard
  5. Tasmin Mitchell, LSU Guard
  6. Craig Brackins, Iowa State Forward
  7. Evan Turner, OSU Forward

Preseason Top 50 List

Player First Player Last Height Position Class University
Solomon Alabi 7-1 C So. Florida State
Cole Aldrich 6-11 C Jr. Kansas
Al-Farouq Aminu 6-9 F So. Wake Forest
Luke Babbitt 6-9 F So. Nevada
Talor Battle 5-11 G Jr. Penn State
Trevor Booker 6-7 F Sr. Clemson
Matt Bouldin 6-5 G Sr. Gonzaga
Craig Brackins 6-10 F Jr. Iowa State
Da’Sean Butler 6-7 F Sr. West Virginia
Sherron Collins 5-11 G Sr. Kansas
Ed Davis 6-10 F So. North Carolina
Devan Downey 5-9 G Sr. Sourth Carolina
Jerome Dyson 6-3 G Sr. Connecticut
Devin Ebanks 6-9 F So. West Virginia
Corey Fisher 6-1 G Jr. Villanova
Luke Harangody 6-8 F Sr. Notre Dame
Manny Harris 6-5 G Jr. Michigan
Gordon Hayward 6-8 G/F So. Butler
Jeremy Hazell 6-5 G Jr. Seton Hall
Robbie Hummel 6-8 F Jr. Purdue
Damion James 6-7 G/F Sr. Texas
Sylven Landesberg 6-6 G So. Virginia
Gani Lawal 6-9 F Jr. Georgia Tech
Kalin Lucas 6-0 G Jr. Michigan State
Tasmin Mitchell 6-7 F Sr. Louisiana State
Greg Monroe 6-11 C So. Georgetown
E’Twaun Moore 6-3 G Jr. Purdue
Raymar Morgan 6-8 F Sr. Michigan State
A.J. Oglivy 6-11 C Jr. Vanderbilt
Patrick Patterson 6-9 F Jr. Kentucky
Jerome Randle 5-10 G Sr. California
Scottie Reynolds 6-2 G Jr. Villanova
Samarado Samuels 6-8 F So. Louisville
Larry Sanders 6-11 F Jr. VCU
Jon Scheyer 6-5 G Sr. Duke
DeShawn Sims 6-8 F Sr. Michigan
Kyle Singler 6-8 F Jr. Duke
Tyler Smith 6-7 G/F Sr. Tennessee
Isaiah Thomas 5-8 G So. Washington
Deon Thompson 6-8 F Sr. North Carolina
J.T. Tiller 6-3 G Sr. Missouri
Evan Turner 6-7 G/F Jr. Ohio State
Jarvis Varnado 6-9 F/C Sr. Mississippi State
Greivis Vasquez 6-6 G Sr. Maryland
Deonta Vaughn 6-1 G Sr. Cincinnati
Kemba Walker 6-1 G So. Connecticut
Willie Warren 6-4 G So. Oklahoma
Terrico White 6-5 G So. Mississippi
Nic Wise 5-10 G Sr. Arizona
Chris Wright 6-8 F Jr. Dayton

Quick Hits: 8/24/09

DTP Gets a New Face – Just call me Joan Rivers

I needed something new and I like the look of this layout.  Nothing too flashy and yet lighter than the older face.

The old layout was good to us  but it was time for step in a new direction.  So, here it is.

NBA Notes

  • No one in the NBA wants Allen Iverson – Can you blame them?  While this guy is a crazy athlete – he is the NBA’s version of Terrell Owens – A.I. can not fit into a system that does not have him dominating the ball.
  • Jason Williams- last seen playing the Miami Heat in ’07-’08 – has signed with the Orlando Magic.  He should add some veteran leadership – but that’s about it.
  • Fox Sports put tother a list of the Top 10 NBA Coach’s of All-Time: take a look.
  • The NBA chatter has slowed down.  So here is a Top-Ten of LeBron from last season that NBA.com  put together.  Just ignore all the traveling. – sidenote:  NBA.com is a much better site than it used to be.

Brett Favre Plays All of Heaven Rejoices

He went 1-for-4 for 4 yards!  Woohoo!  Plan the parade! 

I do not put much stock in preseason and this is a perfect example of the exact reasoning behind that thought.  I did not pay much attention to the game, but I did see Taravis Jackson go 12-for-15 for 202 yards and two touchdowns.  You can call his an audition for another team.

Here is ESPN.com’s Kevin Seiffert’s write on Favre’s debut.

POP Culture Moments

  • Millon Dollar Idiot

My wife and I have an agreement.  Granted, it is one that will likely never be needed, but we have discussed that if one of us were to be so lucky to get on a game some, i.e. Millionaire or Deal or No Deal, and we had the chance to walk away with a “lot of money”, we would.  

The reason I bring this up.  On Sunday, ABC had Regis Philban back to host a prim-time 10th Anniversary Show (he had been hosting all week).  After guy with awesome money vest, answered wrong, here came this 24-year-old – Harvard Law graduating – entertainment lawyer.  

He breezes through a ton of questions and is looking at the three final questions with four life lines left. Nice!  He had already made a blind guess at what seemed to be an easy question and was sitting at the Million Dollar Question!  It felt like this guys whole round was easy and ABC just wanted a winner on their 10th Anniversary Show.  Anyway, he guessed at the question and was wrong.  Lame – his ego took over for his logic and he lost $475K.

The agreement with my wife – would have allowed me to see the million dollar question, use my life lines, and then walked away with $500K.  Paying off all out debate, setting our kids up, buying a house and looking at a nice sized pot to grow interest and that want wait until retirement.         

But 24-year-old entertainment lawyer is thinking he needs to guess on a question that he said “either you know it or you don’t”.  There is no process of elimination or logic behind it, but he dove head first and lost.  National TV FAIL!

  • Dancing With Who?

Did anyone know that Congressmen Tom DeLay, Kelli Osbourne, Aaron Carter and UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell are on Dancing with the Stars?  There are probably more, but that’s as far as I could get before I became lighted headed thinking of all the horrible that will take place!

Sad Day for Soccer

World Soccer Daily has been canceled.  It is a very completcated story and appartenly has gotten extremely serious very fast.  For a good non-biased recapping the issue, read over this article from goal.com.  

I am only entering my third season of English Premier League Soccer and try to get my soccer fix when and where I can.  I found this podcast only a few months ago and it daily opens the world of soccer to a nation fans that have a hard time finding soccer news in the main stream. 

I do not know enough to have an opinon on Steven Cohen’s claims and the events that happened in the Hillsborough Disaster. Even many of the veiwers disagree with Cohen’s claims and do not agree with the actions of the Liverpool supporters.  Please listen to the last podcast to come to your own conclusion.

Quick Hits: 8/19/09

Favre in Minnesota Purple and GoldBrett Favre

This is a surprise to no one and to be honest, it is a great move all around.  Here is some Quick Hits reasoning to why this is a good move.  

For the MN Vikings – They get a legit QB on a team many people believe were a legit QB away from the Super Bowl.

Ziggy Wilf– Financially this is a win-win.  The media coverage and the ticket/jersey sales is going to be awesome.

Adrian Peterson – Teams will not be able to stack the box as much.

Viking Receivers – You get a QB who can throw the ball into the ocean.

Brett Favre – No matter what he says, the Packers ran Favre out of town.  They did – and now he has a chance to shut them up.

Michael Vick – We moved off this topic for a couple days.

The NFL – They get another story line that is not highlighting some criminal act.  Unless you talk to the Packer Fans – they might view this as a misdemeanor at least!  

I have never been a Favre fan, but I have always respected him and enjoyed watching him play.  And I can understand that if a team offers you a chance to play and compete at a high level, $12 Million a year, and an opportunity to go back to Green Bay and stick it to Ted Thompson – you tell me why he doesn’t sign. 

One thing I would like to say to Brett – because I am sure he checks out the blogs:  Remember – this was a good team without you with a great running back and defense, stay within the system.  Please – it worked in Green bay your last year – just let it happen and don’t force the issue unless necessary.

Former Duke PG Greg Paulus to Start at QB for Syracuse

Someone would have to prove it, but I am not sure this has ever happened before.  An athlete that goes from being a starting point guard at one school to becoming the starting quarterback at another school.

Just like the Favre story, this will be an interesting ride.  Click here for the ESPN write-up and video.

MN Timberwolves Head Coach – Kurt Rambis 

The Rambis signing is one that I understand and I “ok” with.  This is a young team that needs to grow together and why not have a new coach that willl grow with them.  Mark Jackson would have been fine, but I do think Rambis is more ready to lead a team.

Ben Woodside Update

NDSU’s All-Time leading scorer is going to play over in France.  After playing on the Timberwolves summer squad, the 5’10” point guard has picked his bags and will follow former teammate Brett Winkelman to Europe.  Winkelman will  play with Edimes Pavia in Italy.

“Woodside signed a contract to play professionally with BCM Gravelines Dunkerque, a team that placed sixth last year in the 16-team Pro A League — the highest league in France. Woodside would not disclose his salary but said he has an option until early September to sign with another team.”  *Taken from Dickinson Press 8/12/09.

Good Luck Guys – have fun.

Yahoo.com Front Page = MN Timberwolves

This is what the front page of Yahoo.com’s NBA page looked like this morning. 

Here is a list of the Timberwolves Connections

  1. The Kevin McHale story
  2. Ricky Rubio Saga 
  3. The offer sheet with Ryan Hollins – good pick-up if the Mav’s don’t match the offer.
  4. Mark Madsen’s issues
  5. Stephen Marbury’s issues
  6. Sheldon Williams getting signed by the Celtics – Actuall 5 or 6 teams could claim a connection to Williams.

The Timberwolves are everywhere on Yahoo.com.

Untitled picture

Good Story About Good People

Many of you know that I am a fan of stories that highlight good people in sports.  And with all the issues with otl_e_sutton13_400professional sports, sometimes you have to look a little deeper, and this story does that.

This story by Tom Rinaldi – video included – gives us a glimpse into the life of two high school wrestlers from Cleveland, OH and their bond that is about more than just sports.

Unbroken BondA train that severed his legs hasn’t stopped Leroy Sutton (right) from excelling in life. A disease that robs his eyesight hasn’t dulled Dartanyon Crockett’s dreams. Together, they are stronger.

I hope there is some kind of foundation in the works to get this two to college.  If anyone knows of anything, please let me know.

*Picture is from ESPN.com and taken by Kolman Rosenberg.