Feel Good Stories in Sports

With all the negative between Serena Williams seriously threatening a ling judge and Michael Jordan’s ego filled Hall of Fame Speech, I thought it would be good to read some good stories in the sports world.

Young Steps-Up

Tennessee Titan’s QB Vince Young helped out the family of the late Steve McNair.  Even the smallest gestures have a greater effect than we know.

Young surprised 11-year-old Trenton and 5-year-old Tyler on Wednesday by showing up at their house and taking them to their school’s “Dear Dads Breakfast” at a local restaurant.”  From ESPN.com.

Little Girl Who Threw the Ball Back – Gets More in Return

“Less than a day after the now-famous video of 3-year-old Emily’s foul ball rejection at a Phillies game went viral, the family from Laurel Springs, N.J. appeared on Thursday’s “Today Show” to talk about the highlight that has captured the country’s heart.”  From Yahoosports.com.  Check out the post here.

Hoops for Troops

For the past week, Fran Fraschilla took part in Operation Hardwood VI: Hoops for Troops, a USO-sponsored trip that lets current and former coaches bring a slice of home — in this case, college basketball — to some of our soldiers stationed in Iraq.”  From ESPN.com.

Vitale to Pay for Slain Teenager’s Funeral

Vitale is also planning to set up a scholarship fund in the names of Thompson and Dejuan Williams, who was shot and killed on Aug. 4.”

“It really hits home when this happens in your own community,” Vitale said. “It boggles my mind how young people can get hold of guns and something like this happens. One senseless act and so many lives have been affected.”From Fanhouse.com

Coach Refuses Raise to Send Team on Over Seas Trip

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings sacrificed a $100,000 pay raise to fund his Commodores’ 10-day trip to Australia earlier this month.” From Rivals.com.


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