Quick Hits: 3/26/10

I love this time of year.  It is starting to get very nice outside, golf courses are opening, and my life has been crazy busy.  I will not bore with that, because I am sure we ll can say the same thing – but it has been worse than usual.

I stayed up way to late watch the double-overtime game between Xavier and Kansas State.  What a crazy game.  It was maybe one of the best games I have seen all year.  Just as it should be!

Thoughts of Madness

I have been so busy that I did not even get invitations out for my bracket from CBSSports.com out to all the people involved, and I have had it for 3 years.  Oh well.  On my work brackets, I am boarder-line screwed.  I picked Kansas to win and well….DAMN IT!

Here is my quick run down of how things are going at this moment.

No. 1 Seeds – DAMN IT!  We have lost the two teams most thought would make it to the Final Four.  I wonder how long it will take for Kentucky’s Final Four appearance to be erased due to violations of something?!

Ohio State looks tough.  They are not deep, but they may have the best starting five left in the tourney and the match-up with Tennessee will be showcase some very good match-ups.  UT’s Wayne Chism vs. OSU’s Dallas Lauderdale.  UT’s Scottie Hopson vs. OSU’s Evan Turner.

General Theme of Tourney: Playing as a Team > Team of Talent.

Northern Iowa did want NDSU was not able to do last year.  I think they can run to the Final Four – we will find out tonight.  This is not the Michigan State from last season – even with Kalin Lucas.   I remember Ben Jacobson when he was playing at UND – I liked him then.

West Virginia is looking legit and I still not sure why and a Match-up with Kentucky will be physical!

St. Mary’s has legit size and skill, I could see them getting past Baylor and Duke.  First things first.  Baylor and St. Mary match-up very well.  but remember the “General Theme of the Tourney”.

Duke has beat Purdue the last two times they met, and that was with Robbie Hummel.  Duke is too tough in the front-court – don’t think that has been said in the last 5 years.

Final Four Predictions – West Virginia, Ohio State, Kansas State and the toughest call…Baylor.  Not very legit when I do it so far into the game, but I don’t care.  I will probably end up one-for-four.

I have enjoyed watching this tournament more than many in the past.  There have been great games all over the place regardless of seeding.  My brother and I were talking about a month a go and we said that any one team in the Top 25 could either win, or loose in the two rounds.

I am not sure we have seen the playing field so level as it has been this year.

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