Quick Hits: Twitter Style

Looks like it is time for my monthly post. 🙂  Sorry, I have been away and not blogging, but then I again, I have no idea if anyone reads this.  So there.

I added Twitter to the right column.  Though it might be a nice way to give a thought in 140 characters or less and not blog on it.  In that way of thinking, I am doing to does this blog a variety of topics, with 140 characters or less in each response.  If you think I am lying, enter it into your twitter account.

NBA Playoffs –

Cavs Vs. Bulls: I hope Chicago enjoyed their only win of the series. Expect the Cavs to win next game by 20 pts or more. Bulls=younger Cavs w/out LeBron.

Magic Vs. Bobcats: If the refs can loosen up a bit, the Magic should run away with it. Actually, they will anyways, even w/Howard only playing 25 mins a game.

Hawks Vs. Bucks: Bucks will got 1 in Milwaukee, but that’s it. This series is over in 5. Jennings can’t do it alone, so who is going to help him? Salmons?

Celtics Vs. Heat: Unless the Heat sign a max player tonight – this series will be over in no more than two games. I feel bad for Wade. He looked tired.

Lakers Vs. Thunder: Is Kobe injured? Is the the Thunder just that good? This seems to be the best series of Round one -expect Thunder to be around for awhile.

Mavs Vs. Spurs: These teams always play tough games. I expect the next to be the same, but I don’t see how the Mavs come back to take this series.

Suns and Blazers: Is Brandon Roy the 6 Million $ Man? The Blazers are totally different when he is healthy. This series goes seven – Suns win.

Nuggets Vs. Jazz: George Karl is missed. Nugs are lost without him, Jazz playing  more physical ball. DWill is nice – Melo needs help. Mr. Big Shot?

All in all the playoffs have been very good – even the Magic and Bobcats series. Here are the key factors to this playoffs so far:

  1. Match-Ups – how the individual is able to exploit an advantage.
  2. Team Is Greater – we are saw this in March Madness and we are see all over the NBA.
  3. Coaches Do Matter – If George Karl is on the bench, that series is very different.   Look at Scott Brooks with the Thunder *Same can not be said for the Bulls – they would get beat with Phil Jackson.
  4. Physical Play – How teams can adjust or adapt to refs letting more physical play go.
  5. Deeper Teams Can Handle the Load – When Jason Terry went down holding his ankle – the Mavs season was done – it will be done very quickly anyways – but they still believe there is a chance.

NFL Draft: Vikings were disappointing to me. Lions drafted well on paper. ESPN sucked every moment they possible could out of the draft, and Mel Kiper.

MLB: The Twins are World Champs. Maybe not – yet. Love the line-up, new stadium & uniforms. Would love another legit starting pitcher. Anyone?

An NBA draft piece will get that out once the lottery balls fall in place .  And while the TWolves have a very good chance at the No. 1 pick, I am not sure they want it.  WHAT?  No John Wall?  There will be more to come and I sure David Kahn will say things that only kinda-sorta make sense.  But I have hope!

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