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Madness and Poll

If you could “re-pick” one game of the first weekend of The Madness on your offical brakcet, what game would it be?

It is between either USC or Wake Forrest.  I am not saying I would have picked them against Cleveland State, but I would then not have picked them to beat Louisville.  But I had USC beating Kansas as well.  I should never pick them, I picked them to do well last year and the failed with O.J. Mayo.  And Tim Floyd’s finest failed without him this year. 

Is it weird that the former Trojan’s name is all about food?

The first rounds was not as crazy as in years past, but I thought it was full of solid games.  Kansas looks like the toughest two-person team in the tourney.  Louisville still scares me (and not in the good way).  PITT looked vulnerable in both games and UConn did not. 

I like Gonzaga and Syracuse to advance to Elite Eight – but I would not be surprised if I was completely wrong.    Syracuse is riding a wave of good play and they have good guards – love me some Johny Flynn.  Oklahoma is the best one person team left in the tourney.  UNC is UNC, but against better teams, they need Lawson. 

Duke has played well, but is not deep.  Memphis looks like it could struggle to score, but plays tough “D”.  And I don’t know what to think about Michigan State and Purdue.  MSU has the best chance to win their next game – Purdue plays UConn.  Kansas is good, but MSU wins most of the individual match-ups.  The one and a half  match-ups that MSU doesn’t win, the talent drop off is not as great.  Unlike the match-ups that the Spartans have over Kansas.

Here are my Final Four Picks from my brakcet:  Louisville, UConn, PITT and Gonzaga.

My thoughts outside of the bracket:  Still like UConn, but everyone else is beatable. 

Sleeper Final Four Pick:  Syracuse. 

Team(s) I am Pulling For:  Duke, Arizona, and the winner of the South Region (Oklahoma, Gonzaga or Syracuse).

Day One Wrap-Up

Day One of the tournament proved uneventful for the most part.  One exciting game was the first of the day when Cal State Northridge gave Memphis a good run.  Another good one was watching American University (not to be confused with National American University, who I’m sure has an outstanding Online athletics program) lead much of their game against Villanova.  Neither, however, made game-of-the-day status.


A few notable points from Day One: Roburt Sallie


1.   Domination of the dayUConn manhandled Chatanooga with head coach Jim Calhoun in the hospital.  Their margin of victory (56) was the 3rd largest in the history of the tournament.


2.  Best name of the day:  Quincy Pondexter of Washington.  Runner-Up:  A.J. Slaughter of Western Kentucky.


3.  Performance of the dayMemphis’ Roburt Sallie.  The guy averaged 13 ppg this year, but exploded for 35 today, including 10 3-pointers!  He more or less won the game for Memphis.   


4.  Best game of the day:  UCLA vs. VCU.  VCU’s superstar Eric Maynor was short on a shot as the buzzer sounded that would’ve won them a trip to round two. 


5.  Upset of the day:  12-seed Western Kentucky over 5-seed Illinois.  This is the upset of the day simply because it was the only one.  I also picked this one. 


6.  My picks for day one:  a respectable 13/16.A.J. Abrams


7.  Gopher Review:   A.J. Abrams singlehandedly blew the game open against my beloved Gophers by hitting four of his eight 3-pointers in a 2:11 stretch.  As a result I will cease showing any respect to people named A.J.  Minnesota actually played a good game with the exception of those 131 seconds.  I said yesterday that A.J. Abrams would be the reason the Gophers could lose…unfortunately I was very right.